Oil Stabilizer




Physical State   liquid
Color Purple
Odor Petroleum (typical)
Density 7,2 lb/gal
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Flash Point(oC)  204
Usual Shipping Containers:  32 oz (946 ml) Plastic Bottles

The carefully balanced components of this proprietary formulation is scientifically designed to provide extra protection and enhance  the performance of all petroleum and synthetic based motor oils for diesel powered automobiles and light trucks.

XLO-D 3500 with itīs unique htermal stability and anti-friction, anti-wear additive package assures extended life protection and performance from the engine oil of choice.


XLO-D 3500 offers added protection, performance and extended oil drain intervals (up to 3500 miles) to all diesel engines treated with Bishopīs Original Permafused Anti ear Engine Protection.


Benefits :

Reduces: Friction, Heat, Wear, Thermal Breakdown, Sludge, Varnish and Acids

Improves: Lubricity, Film Strength, Detergency, Rust Inhibition, Fuel Economy and Overall Performance


Directions for use :

For maximum protection and performance, add 32 oz of XLO-D3500 in place of 32 oz regular engine oil bat every oil change. Do not overfill. Drive normally. Change oil as recommended by manufacturer. Will not void new or used car engine warranties.

  This formula is compatible with oils meeting or exceeding all the  warranty requirements for U.S. and most diesel engines.



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