Pour Point Depressant for Vegetable Oils and RMEs




Specific Gravity 0.915
Viscosity (cSt) at 100oC 550
Pounds per U.S. Gallon at 15.6oC 7.62
Pounds per Imperial Gallon at 15.6oC 9.15
Packaging 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums


Level(%) Pour Point(oC) C.F.P.P. (oC) (ASTM D 97) (IP 30)

The test results of measuring depression curve when using Pour Point depressant Bishop´s Original Products PD-571 and Rapeseed Methyl eszter in defined maximum purity that has been produced by NUOVA company(Italy)

Pour Point depressant Concentration C.F.P.P. ppm. oC
0 (Pure Rapeseed Methy Ester) -4.5

1 000 - 10.0
2 200 - 15.0
4 000 - 20.0
5 000 - 21.6
8 900 - 22.5

Bishop´s PD-571 is a unique pour point depressant designed to lower the pour point of vegetable oils. It also lowers the cold filter plugging point (C.F.P.P.)


Bishop´s PD-571 is an effective pour point depressant for most vegetable oils. Recommended treat rate is 1-2%. The following table shows the effect of 1% Bishop´s PD-571 on the pour point of some vegetable base oils:

Base stock High Oleic High Oleic Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil Canola Oil

Pour Point (oC)
0%PD - 571 - 12 - 21 -18
1%PD - 571 - 24 - 30 -36

Bishop´s PD-571 is also useful in reducing the pour point and cold filter plugging point of methyl esters of vegetable oils (such as rapeseed and soybean oils)

The addition of various levels of Bishop´s Pd-571 to rapeseed methyl esters (RMEs) will provide the following results in pour point and cold filter plugging point (C.F.P.P.)

0.00 - 12 - 5
0.25 - 36 -14
0.50 - 39 -16
1.00 - 42 -23

Final :

The maximum value of depression curve doesn´t reach over the value of -22.5oC ever with higher quantity of Pour Point Depressant PD-571. It´s a great success and a proof, that this additive Really works with Methyl Esters and belongs to depressants with highest force.

Kidnest regards
Prof.Ing.George Kovar Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry, Fuels, Lubricants and Tribology
University of Agriculture
Prague, Czech Republic


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