Pour Point Depressant for Diesel Fuel



Typical Characteristics :

Appearance Amber Liquid
Specific Gravity 912
Weight per gallon (USA) 7.61 lbs
Viscosity@40 Deg.C cSt 60
Flash Point deg.C PMCC 46
Packaging 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums
PD-565 Quantity C.F.P.P. (ppm) (oC)
0 (Clear Diesel Fuel) 0-20.5
  200 -26.0
  400 -29.0
  600 -30.5
  800 -31.0
  1 250 -31.5

Bishop´s PD - 565 Cold Flow Improver is designed primarily to improve the pour point and operability of middle distillate fuels. While PD-565 effectively lowers the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP), it is especially formulated to depress the pour point of most diesel fuels.

Recommended Treat Rate:
Bishop´s PD - 565 Cold Flow Improver is typically used between 25 ppm (7.5 ptb) and 1 000 ppm (300 ptb) depending on the base fuel and performance targets desired. Please contact your Bishop´s Original Products representative for specific recommendations.

- Inhibits grows of wax crystals
- Depresses the Pour Point
- Improves CFPP behavior
- Enables a deeper cut into the barrel for middle distillate use
- Broadens the usable range of crude oil for middle distillate production
- Reduces the need to use kerosene dilutions for pour or flow control


Storage, Handling and Toxicity:
Bishop´s PD-565 Cold Flow Improver may be stored at ambient temperatures. The viscosity of the additive is low enough to provide good handling under most ambient conditions. At very low temperatures, additive dilution and/or heating may be recommended.
Bishop´s PD-565 may be used in neat or in diluted forem and may be blended with other fuel additives. Addition and mixind are done by conventional means.

Kidnest regards
Prof.Ing. George Kovar Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry, Fuels, Lubricants and Tribology
University of Agriculture
Prague, Czech Republic


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