Ever since the first Tin Lizzy rolled off the assembly line, every man, woman, and child throughout the world has developed an ongoing love affair with the motor car. The love affair blossoms when their vehicle performs as it should. However, when mechanical problems arise or the costs of fuel increases, the relationship can become a bit strained.

It is common cnowledge that under heat and pressure, the protective additive package in motor oil can break down, producing corrosive acids, gum, varnish, sludge, harmful deposits and can fail to provide adequate lubrication and protection which can lead to major mechanical problems and expense.

The proprietary chemistry in Bishop´s OriginalTM Permafused LubricationTM has proven over the past 23 years, through official testing and consumer use, to provide full time protection and improved performance unequalled by motor oil, synthetic lubricants, additives or treatments.

The unique chemistry of  Bishop´s OriginalTM Permafused LubricationTM technology was developed and perfected by John Bishop in the early 1970´s, to help overcome the problem of interfacing metal friction and heat, which, according to metallurgical experts, cause 95% of all mechanical failures. Some of Mr. Bishop´s unique products over the years have been marketed direct to consumers under the trade names of  Slick 50, LubriLon, Metalube, Duration and others. Bishop´s Original Products no longer supplies any product to the companies that market products under these trade names.Bishop´s Original Products are now sold only under our own trademarks Bishop´s Original or XcelPlus (USA).

Bishop´s OriginalTM Permafused LubricantTM  provides a simple and inexpensive solution to the ever present problem of interfacing metal friction and high heat. The unique chemistry of the proprietary formulation, chemically bonds a tough friction reducing PfLTM Anti Wear lubricant film to all lubricated metal surfaces providing full time lubrication and protection beyonds oils and additives.

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