Pfl FORMULA NM - 19 (LS-24))

Hi-Temp Grease





Product type  Anti"Size" Compound
Product color Black
Temp Range (Solids) 297oF to +2400oF
Temp Range (Base Oil) -20oF to +500oF
Coefficient of Friction 0.19
NLGI Grade 2
AASTM Dropping Point None
Packaging 14.5 oz. Tube ,120 lb Drum, 400 lb Drum

This unique product provides outstanding protection against galling, seizing and corrosion on metal surfaces. Contains no lead, copper, nicle, zinc or any other metal. Unlike conventional Hi-Temp grease LS-24 can safety be used on all types metals and sensitive alloys, including stainless steel. This unique formula has excellent adhesion to metal surfaces and offers exceptional water resistance.

LS-24 is a superior product that provides excellent protection from extreme pressure, oxidation and corrosion while providing full time lubrication in both high and low temperature conditions. LS-24 is a proprietary formulation that prevents galling and metal seizure between -20oF and +2400oF and is a safe for personnel to use because it contains NO HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS or OSHA 29 CFR 1910-1200. Nuclear Grade Available. Meets US Military Specification MIL-A-907E. USA Approved for use in federally inspected meat poultry processing plants. Meets California Title 22 TTLC requirements for "non hazardous" waste. Meets the 1998 requirements for the DEPA´s 33/50 voluntary reduction program.


For use on: Nuts, bolts,studs,screws,taps,drills,pipe threads, flanges. "o"rings, pump and valve packing and steams, low speed bearings, bushings, key"ways" and shafts, chain, sprockets, gears, wire rope and cable, exhaust manifolds, boilers, heat ex-changers, battery posts, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic cylinders and schafts or use as a dry film lubricant on heat treated surfaces.

Excellent for use on equipment that is subject to salt water spray, high corrosive environments or equipment that is frequently steam cleaned.




Use on all threaded conections where lubrication, sealing or protection of the threaded connection is desired. As with all petroleum based greases. DO NOT use in applications requiring oxygen compatibility.


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