Appearance  Yellow Liquid
Viscosity@ 40 deg.C,mm2/s  6.3
Flash Point (PMC), deg.C 102
Pour Point, deg.C  -21
Freeze Point, deg.C 17
Storage, Handling & Toxicity :  
HT 3374  additive tends to super-cool and can therefore rapidly crystalize when stored below its freeze point, a Material Safety Data Sheet is available.
Packaging 5 gal. pails, 55 gal drums

Bishop´s Original HT 3374 fuel additive is our prime antioxidant for jet fuel, bio-diesel fuel and gasoline. The performance of HT 3374 has been proven over 25 years of field performance in a variety of fuels and lubricants.


Recommended Dosage:


For civil and military aviation fuels, which have been hydrogen treated, the specifications stipulate 17-24 mg/l of HT 3374 additive. To ensure good long term stability in non-hydrogenated aviation fuels and other btransportation fuels,17-24 mg/l is recommended. Contact your Bishop´s Original Products representative for specific recommendations.


Note: See the test results which has been done by PARAMO Pardubice (Czech Republic) and University of Agriculture in Prague (Czech Republic) -section 1 listed below.




HT - 3374 additive is a 100% active phenolic antioxidant meeting the entire civil and military specifications for transportation fuels.

MIL-T-5624       MIL-G-5572         ASTM D 910

MIL-G-3056      DERD 2486          ASTM D 1655

MIL-T-25524      MIL-G- 46015     MIL-T-81912

DERD 2494        MIL-F-16884      MIL-G-53006

MIL-T-83133     DERD 2485         MIL-F-46162

W-G-1690   MIL-T-38219  DERD 2498  W-F-800



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