Rubber Protecting and caring preparation





Packaging units 1 l plastic or metal vessel
  200 ml bottle with sponge coater
  20 l metal can
  200 l metal barrel

Storage temperature >5ºC, usage temperature >15ºC.

Gumi-Guard Rubber protecting and caring preparation


Product description

A new developed, rubber surface renewing, rubber protecting and caring preparation for the care and protection of tyres, door seals, rubber parts normally exposed to weather etc. for renewing the surface of the rubber, protecting and caring of the rubber.

Through its rubber friendly composition natural rubber and special sun protecting additives it increases the lifetime of the rubber.


We put a thin coating of this rubber solution made of natural rubber onto the surface to be protected. The solvent does not damage the rubber, quickly vaporizes and it becomes dust dry within 10-15 minutes. It penetrates in the micro cracks and prevents, slows down further cracking. It forms a flexible film layer on the surface and its sun protecting effect prevents the development of new cracks.


Application :

Clean the surface to be coated from any dirt. If you have washed it with water let it dry completely. Spread the material using the sponge or brush supplied with the bottle in a thin even layer. Let it dry and repeat the action 2-3 times for maximal protection.


The received surface is nice silky and in addition it has water-proof and dust repelling effect.


The preparation is explosion and fire hazardous, therefore usage of naked flame and smoking are prohibited during its use.


Shake well before use.


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