In researching this industry every path has led us back to one man, Mr. John Bishop. In the early 1970īs while working in the chemical industry, Mr. Bishop began searching for a way to over come friction and heat generated by the interfacing of metal surfaces in the internal combustion engine. It is well known by metallurgical experts that friction and the resulting high heat cause 95% of all mechanical failures. Through chemistry John Bishop was able to solve this age-old problem of friction ang heat. He calls this unique proprietary formula Permafused LubricationTM. In fact this chemical reaction bonded a coating of lubrication film so tough that it can be removed by mechanical methods,( grinder or emery cloth) and so thin that it wonīt change tolerences. It is also impervious to attacks by acids, antifreeze, rust, corrosion or salt water.

What is it? If you ask John Bishop he just smiles and shrugs his shoulders. There is no patent and he says," Itīs sort of like Coca Cola. If you could figure out how to make it, Itīs yours". His formula is still a closely guarded secret. With his PfLTM formula and another technology called sub-surface lubrication Mr. Bishop has created special formulas for virtually everything made of metal that moves, from lawn mowers, to 1 000 hp piston engine aircraft.

With the product like this Mr. Bishop visualized the world beating a path to his door. In fact some called his formula" the greatest break through in lubrication technology since the discovery of oil". In 1976 Mr. Bishop with the trademark Lubrilon, short for Lubrication for Long life Mr. Bishop began to market his formula. He started with industry, trucking and construction, not having the mega bucks necessary for a massive advertising compaign. It was difficult, to say the least, as it was such a revolutionary concept. It caught on quickly in Alaska and was used extensively by contractors on the Alaska pipe line . Bishopīs grease would pump out of a grease gun at 60 degreeīs (F) below zero when all others froze. Trucks hauling pipe had improved fuel mileage and break downs caused by extreme weather and bad roads went to almost nothing after being treated.

In 1977 John Bishop approached W.O.Menlee, Don Shriver and John Green all of Homecare International, a very sucCessful multilevel company selling home care products. After extensive testing of Mr. Bishopīs formula, it was found that the engine treatment far exceeded the invertorīs claim for it. It was in 1978 that Mr. John Bishop and his three partners formed Petrolon Inc. in Houston, Texas and launched Slick 50 on the world.
The experienced multilevel company sent out salesman armed with treated Briggs & Stratton engines running with no oil and after the test were done for FAA acceptance in 1980 more than one aircraft made it back after a complete loss of engine oil no damage to the engine. By 1981 Petrolonīssales went from a start in 1978 to $ 6.048.435.80 just for the month of April 1981. No where to go but up for Petrolon and Slick-50, and then it happened. In 1984 Petrolon put the squeeze on the invertor who started this category of products.

John Bishop went to court to save his formula and he won. Retaining his formula he continued on with Lubrilon and no longer supplied Petrolon with any products. John Bishopīs attorney sent a letter to Petrolon asking them to remove all claims from their bottle pertaining to Bishopīs formula. Some other private labels were made by John Bishop such as Z-Bond, Matrix, Metalube and Duration. None of these had the promotion and advertising like Slick-50.
What happened to John Bishop and his remarkable formula? In July 1994 John Bishop began shipping products from his own plant in Houston. No more partners. No more private lables just the original products he discovered more than 20 years ago.

We asked John Bishop what to look for on the package of an engine treatment.Does it contain toxic or corrosive ingredients(chlorin or suphur)? If it contains petroleum distilates it will be gone after the first oil change. If it contains Teflon or PTFE as an active ingredient, watch out!
Confusing, you bet! We often wonder how Mr. Bishop feels about all the imitations of his original product out there that either donīt work at all or are marginal at best. Unless we miss our guess you will have an opportunity to try the real thing.

Beware oil additives containing chlorine or high concentration of sulphur that could damage engine. All the imitation of Bishopīs Original products were done on chlorin and sulphur basis.

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