Bio-Diesel Fuel Additive

Physical and chemical properties

Physical state Liquid
Color Amber
Odor Petroleum
Boiling Point 150 Deg.C
Flashpoint 79 Deg.C
Specific gravity 0,786 kg/l
Solubility in water negligible
Packaging 1 gal plastic bottles, 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums

Bishop´s Original Bio-Diesel Fuel Additive BDF - 588 is a scientific complex of additives providing optimum power and performance from bio-diesel fuel while adding the benefits of extraprotection. This unique multi-functional formula lowers operating costs while protecting the entire fuel system.

Benefits :
Improves Fuel Economy and Power, Reduces Corrosion and Rust Formation, Imroves Lubricity, Reduces Foam, Reduces Injector Coking, Improves Fuel Stability.

Recommended Dosage :

Mix with regular bio- diesel fuel in recommended ratio 1:3000.


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