AQUA LOCK & CLEAN Fuel Stabilizer for 5% Ethanol Fuel Blend


Psysical State Liquid
Color Medium Amber
Flash Point, degF (C)  98.60 (37)
Freezing Point, deg.F(C) ND
Density@68 Deg.F (20 Deg.C) lbs./US gal.  6.81
Viscosity ND
Packaging 5 gal. pails, 55 gal drums

Bishop´s Original B- 8791-CZ Aqua Lock & Clean Fuel Stabilizer is a multifunctional gasoline additive designed to overcome the water and other problems associated with the addition of ethanol to gasoline. B-8791-CZ is designed to be added at the blend site. It will effectively lock-up all the water in the fuel and take it to the bottom of the tank for easy removal. This reaction clears the fuel and allows the blender to ship the fuel"water free"

  This unique product will also provide this additional benefits: Reduces Emissions, Improved Fuel Economy, Improved Rust Performance, Easy Handling and Long Term Stability, Compatible with Terminal/Fuel System Materials, No Harm to Lube Oil or Catalkytic Converters, Neutral Effect on ORI and Valve Sticking


Suggested Treat Rates :


Due to the fact that gasoline and ethanol sources and quality will vary, the blender will have to determine the treat rate for the fuel being blended. A suggested starting point for a 5% ethanol blend, depending on water cointent, is 0.25 and continue to add untill fuel is clear. Once the blender has determined the proper treat rate to clear the fuel of water, Bishop´s Original will reformulate B-8791-CZ, if nessesary, to assure that the second function of the formula is adequate to provide the additional benefits listed above.


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