Pfl FORMULA 4130

Summer Diesel Fuel Treatment







Appearance Dark amber with amine odor
Density (15,6 C,g/ml) 0,9025
Weight per gallon 7,52
Viscosity 40 deg.C CSt 19,6
Flash Point (PMCC), deg.C 56
Nitrogen, % weight 1,34
Total Base Number, mg KOH/g 27
Packaging 32 oz plastic bottles (946 ml),5 gal pails, (18,9 l), 55 gal drums (208 l)

Bishop´s Original Summer Diesel Fuel Additive offers large consumers of fossil fuels a simple, cost-effective approach to combat today´s high fuel prices. This unique product will lower your fuel bills, while also reducing greenhouse gases and other harmful exhaust emissions. Proven, by consumers, to reduce fuel consumption by 3 to 8% across a wide range of diesel fuels.
Bishop´s Original SDFA 4130 is a multi-functional diesel fuel package, which boosts performance in the key areas of injector detergency, fuel economy, smoke reduction, fuel lubricity, fuel stability, and corrosion protection.
Excellent keep clean an clean up injector performance resulting in reduced environmental emissions, extended maintenance intervals and improved fuel economy. Improved resistance to storage tank and fuel tank corrosion. Improved fuel lubricity as demonstrated by the HFRR and BOLCE tests.

Features: Effective in all fuels.

- Provides Excellent Detergency
- L-10 Performance in a variety of fuels
- Lubricity Enhancement
- Excellent Corrosion Control
- Upgrades regular diesel fuel to premium fuel quality
- Increases Power
- Easier Starting
- Unique Catalyst Action
- Improves Combustion
- Reduces Diesel Emissions
- Reduces Exhaust Smoke
- Imroves Fuel Economy

Recommended Dosage :
A dosage of 133 - 284 ppm by volume, (40,687 PTB) is recommended. SDFA-4130 has demonstrated passing Cummins L-10 performance in Cat1KR reference fuel at 142 ppm volume (43.5 PTB), meetingthe detergency requirements of the National Council Weights and Measures premium diesel specifications. The higher dosage provides full performace benefits.
Bishop´s Original SDFA-4130 is designed for handling under ambient conditions. It is recommended that only aromatic materials should be use to further dilute SDFA-4130.

Contains a combination of additives, oils and proprietary chemistry. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. If ingested, do not induce vomiting, seek medical attention. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!


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