PfL FORMULA 20480-LS 21

Hi-Temp Grease (Tubes, Spray)




Product type Anti"Size" Compound
Product color Silver/Gray
Temp Range (Solids) 297oF to +2200oF
Temp Range (Base Oil) -30oF to +500oF
Coefficient of Friction 0.14
NLGI Grade 1.5
AASTM Dropping Point None
Packaging 14.5 oz. Tube ,120 lb Drum,
  400 lb Drum
  400 ml spray

This unique product provides outstanding protection against galling, seizing and corrosion on metal surfaces. Contains no lead, copper or zinc. Because it is free of copper, it can safely be used on stainless steel or other sensitive alloys. Contains a variety of extreme pressure additives, rust and corrosion inhibitors as well as dry film lubricants combined with inert thickeners in a non "petroleum" base oil. Adheres well to metal surfaces and offers exceptional water resisatnce. Severe temperatures, vibration, expansion and contraction does not affect it. Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of Military specification MIL-A-907E.Provides ultimate performace and hi-temp protection to 200 deg.F. The useful temperature range for various applications:

For anti-size use:                                 -30oF to +2200oF

As a bearing lubricant                         -30oF to +450oF

As a slide lubricant                              -30oF to +1800oF

As a protective coating                         297oF to +2200oF


For use on: Nuts, bolts,studs,screws,taps,drills,pipe threads, flanges. "o"rings, pump and valve packing and steams, low speed bearings, bushings, key"ways" and shafts, chain, sprockets, gears, wire rope and cable, exhaust manifolds, boilers, heat ex-changers, battery posts, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic cylinders and schafts or use as a dry film lubricant on heat treated surfaces.

Excellent for use on equipment that is subject to salt water spray, high corrosive environments or equipment that is frequently steam cleaned.




Non Melting                                 Mechanical Stability

Reduces Friction and Heat         Superior Metal Adhesion

Maintains Consistency               Highly Water Resistant

Reduces Wear                           Resists Oxidation and Corrosion

Extreme Pressure Protection




Use as directed by equipment manufacturer. Completely purge system. Mixing of unlike greases is not recommended.


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