Permafused Anti Wear Engine Protection - Aircraft Engines up to 1,000 Horsepower




Carbon Residue Conradson   0.71 Wt%
API Gravity @ 60oF 28.2
Viscosity @ 100oF 143.15 CSt/663.24 SUS
Viscosity @ 210oF 17.47 CSt/87.93 SUS
Viscosity @ 40oC  129.45 Cst
(104oF)  599.96 SUS
Viscosity @ 100oC  17.26 Cst
 (212oF) 87.05 SUS
Viscosity Index 128
Flash Point 470oF
PH 4.9
Total Acid Number  2.0 mg. KOH/g
Pour Point 0oF
Sulfur 0.303 Wt%
Usual Shipping Containers 32oz (946 ml) Plastic Bottles

The unique chemistry of this proprietary formulation chemicaly bonds a micro-thin Permafused Lubricant film to all lubricated metalsurfaces inside an engine. Provides full time PfL protection from friction, heat, wear, acid and corrosion, unequaled by modern day motor oils, synthetic lubricants, oil additives, moly or PTFE type engine treatments. Bishop´s  Original reacts only with PfL activated metal and does not build-up, change tolerances or alter oil flow through galleys and filters.

   This unique formula has proven over the past 28 years through official testing and consumer use, to provide unequaled protection and improved performance. The use of Bishop´s Original will not void manufacturers engine waranty.



All requirements to comply with FAR 33.49 with specific variables for TS 10-520B engine.


Test results:

- Friction test results .... Engine friction is lowered 25 to 30 percent. A reduction in friction of 30 percent would mean a reduction in total friction from 15 percent of net horsepower to approximately 11 percent of net horsepower.

- Oil consumption - “Normally acceptable oil consumption under full power averages one quart per two hours. Oil consumption after ten hours was only one pint.”

“ I would consider all findings to be better than acceptable standards.”


Directions for use :

Change oil and filter. Add Bishop´s Original 102 Aircraft Anti Wear Engine Protection at a 1 to 5 ratio with a quality aircraft oil. Run engine for 2 minutes to blend. Make the next oil change as recommended by the manufacturer.For optimum performance and protection we recommended re-treating every 300 hours. DO NOT USE in engines with less than 25 hours if engine is new or has been overhaulted until rings have seeted.

  After rings have seated, Bishop´s Original Aircraft Engine Protection may be used regardless of the accumulated hours of the engine.


Benefits :

Reduces: Friction, Heat & Drag, Wear, Fuel Consumption, Oil Consumption,

Improves: Compression, Horsepower,  Engine Life

Extends: Engine Life

Additive package in PfL Formula 102 is compatible with petroleum and synthetic aircraft oils.


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